Wedding Consuulltation

Congratulations! You have booked your special day and are now ready to talk flowers! 

I offer a free wedding consultation where we can discuss everything.

-----> We go through all your ideas of what you have in mind for your big day.

----> We show you pictures of what we can do for you to create your perfect image.

----> Work with your budget and show you different ideas of what we can do within this price.
----> Talk about what flowers are in season depending on the month of your wedding.


Hire Services

We have a vast variety of different vases & containers you can hire for free when you have flowers with them.

Here is a glance at some of the items we have in stock, we are always keeping our stock refreshed with the seasonal must haves.

---->Glass vases, tall & low vases, vintage inspire vases, bottles, jam jars, Rustic Jugs & buckets, Small and Giant Milk Churns, rustic crates, Ladder displays, Chalk board frames & stands,  Candleabras, Urns, Pedastals, Lanterns.


So how Much?

The pricing is always different for every couple, as if will depend on what designs you are having and what flowers we use. 

Whatever your budget is we can work with you to discuss different options of things you could have within this Budget.